Our Story


Founded by Jason Polins, our curriculum combines his extensive training in school, studying the works of master painters as well as from life and nature. We provide the fundamentals of drawing and painting, while searching for an aesthetic beauty in art and investigating direct study of nature as the foundation. It remains our job as a learning institution to be a source of stimulation and healthy competition, all while mastering the practices needed to develop rewarding careers and lives in the arts.


oil painting from a Boston art class
oil painting created in the tradition of realist art


There is great value to imparting to those looking for sound education in painting and drawing, a higher degree of competence.



still life from a studio art class


Jason Polins

Jason graduated from Boston University’s Visual Arts Program then attended Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. After graduating, he returned to Boston area to pursue direct studies with notable painters such as Nelson Shanks, Thomas Dunlay and Gary Hoffmann. All of whom Jason remain closely connected to as mentors and friends.

Moved by the beauty of nature and our modern world. His genre of expertise include portraiture, figure, still life and landscape/cityscape. Jason works in graphite, charcoal and oil paint.

Outside of Polins Atelier, he also teaches art classes in oil painting, drawing at Northeastern University and several local art centers.

View his personal work at www.jasonpolins.com 

Jason Polins, Founder of Polins Atelier