Polins Atelier
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Painting and Drawing classes in Classical and Contemporary Realism

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We strive for excellence in the pursuit of painting and drawing.

Constructed from the French and Italian academies and the Boston School Painters, we will train you in the fundamentals and advanced concepts of painting and drawing in the tradition of Classical and Contemporary Realism.

Polins Atelier instructs students by immersing them in a progressive curriculum of studies through direct observation of shape, line, and color.  Deconstructing the labeling of object-perception, Polins Atelier maintains that painting is a visual recording of an experience over time through observation and interpretation. By combining coursework with critiques and group discussion, students are exposed to in depth artistic philosophy to couple alongside intense mastery over the fundamentals of painting and drawing to create art that is meaningful and powerful.

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every student we teach.

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